Art Series

Stately Imaged Accents are Victoria Strong Manufacturing's newest design innovation. These accents are highly customizable, stylish and can be used for both residential and commercial levels. The concept of creating the texture which can be applied to flat walls is one that is eye-catching, trendy and enhances any interior environment.

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Choose from three design themes. The contemporary includes choices with sleek & modern straight lines; the modern has a variety of curves & swirls and finally the traditional includes an assortment of shapes and has a futuristic feel.

The possibilities are endless!

Whichever Stately Imaged Accent design you choose-our premium add on options will make the wall panels sure to be eye-catching. You may choose from a variety of finishes from different sheens & colours. Furthermore, border encasing your wall accent is a way to make the wall accents “pop”. A vast array of frames is available to select, from minimalistic to grandeur designs. Lastly, choose your wall accents to have creative LED back-lights and the results are spectacular!

You Design, We Make It


We will make whatever you want, bring your idea, we will create for you!